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Hi there! My name is Cassandra Baker. I am the author of the children's book, Writing Right.


The book serves as my Girl Scout Gold Award project. It centers around a young boy with the learning disability dysgraphia. Through the story, the boy learns about new ways to cope with the disability.


My goal with this project was to create a character that young children could easily relate to. Kids don't always understand learning disabilities, but they do know that things their friends may find easy, are really hard for them. As such, I hope that the book allows for these kids to feel connected and understood.


The project also includes an information portion for parents and guardians to learn from. I am in no way a professional, but after working with an Occupational Therapist and doing research, I was able to create a brief composite of information to help people begin their understandings of dysgraphia. The section does include outside sources that can provide further, in-depth information.

If you would like to read the book click here for a free PDF version, or go to the link at the top of the page to purchase a physical or Kindle copy.

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